ISIS File Lawsuits for Faulty United States RPG’s


Halal later lost a testicle in a tragic RPG misfire.
Halal later lost a testicle in a tragic RPG misfire.

Mosul, Iraq — The war in the Middle East still rages, even with the majority of U.S. combat troops back home. ISIS and terrorist group Al-Qaeda are fighting against the Syrian and Iraqi Armies for control of those countries. The amount of weapons and ammunition required is staggering.

ISIS and Al-Qaeda have filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that the U.S. government knowingly sold them defective RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades). The lawsuit seeks to reimburse each party $134 million dollars for the defective weapons as well as pain and suffering for soldiers maimed using the defective weapon.

According to Jaffar Al-Baghdadi, spokesman for the groups, weapons would often fail to fire or sometimes fire up to 45 seconds after the trigger is pulled. This has caused serious injury and death to members of the groups.

Mohammed Al-Hariri an ISIS member, spoke to Gish Gallop about the defective weapons.

“It is a terrible thing, how can we kill the infidel if the weapon does not work?” said Mohammed. “My friend Halal lost his left testicle when the RPG he pulled the trigger on did not fire for 35 seconds!”

According to the lawsuit, the Clinton Foundation is listed as a second defendant. The groups claim that the foundation assisted in laundering money for weapons sales on the U.S. governments behalf.

The State department has so far denied all claims by the radical Islamist groups that the U.S. sold them weapons of any kind.

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