Jenny McCarthy To Promote Autism Awareness By Sleeping With 920 Men In One Day


Jenny McCarthy seen here in a recent anti-vaccine event.
Jenny McCarthy seen here in a recent anti-vaccine event.

Hollywood, CA — Actress/model Jenny McCarthy has been a controversial figure in recent years, having come out against child vaccinations claiming they cause autism. Even in the face of overwhelming facts, she maintains her anti vaccination stance. Today McCarthy announced that she will have sex with 920 men in one day to take the world record for most sexual partners in one day. She plans to use the publicity to bring awareness to autism.

McCarthy, who has an autistic son, released this statement.

“I’m so excited to finally do something that matters. I am proud to put my celebrity to use for such a great cause. And I’m so thankful for such a loving husband, who is standing behind me.”

McCarthy, 43, is married to actor/musician Donnie Wahlberg. Donnie spoke to Gish Gallop about the upcoming event.

“Well it really can’t make that much of a difference, it is already like throwing a hot dog down a bowling alley,” said Wahlberg. “I’ll be there with her supervising the event.”

McCarthy said that she was not worried about the possible stress to her body as she has been training for this her entire life. She said having been in Playboy really prepared her mentally by jump-starting her sex life. She is urging all of her fans and fellow anti-vaccine opponents to take a stand with her by laying down on October 31, and sleeping with as many people as possible in one day.

“We need to reach as many men as possible, we can really change the attitude towards autism,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy has won the support of Trojan, who will be the sole sponsor and supplier of condoms for her event. Trojan has also agreed to give free condoms to women planning their own “Lay down for Autism”. To receive your free condoms,  call or email Trojan by October 24.

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