June 18th, 2014 Letters to Gish Gallop


June 12th, 2014

Dear Nevada County Gish Gallop

The kind of blasphemy you people publish really makes me sick, I mean really sick. For instance in your “Downtown Safeway Considers the Final Solution” article on June 11th, right in the middle, you treat homeless people like they’re animals.

“Who’s the funniest person you ever met?” Not you guys. Get sick and vomit blood.


Albert Goldbarth
Nevada City


June 14th, 2014

Dear Whoever Is in Charge:

Now I’m only 32, and all I want to do is read Gish Gallop without having to squint at the small type. Would it break the bank if you went up a couple or three points and scrolled a few extra four pages to accommodate the increase?

Just wondering.

Steve Boehm
Grass Valley


June 16th, 2014

Dear Nevada City Gish Gallop,

There’s a reason that our college junior English teachers told us to avoid dangling participles. I can only assume your editorial staff didn’t graduate from the 8th grade.

It sounds to me like NCS could have started its investigation of TPWD if the NCS editors had just stayed in school longer. Or have you just misplaced your Strunk & White manual?

After reading that sentence, it needs to be clarified.


Michael Simpson
Attorney, Truckee

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