Local Blogger Ruins Phrase “par excellance” for Everybody Else

Bert DeVos source: Sierra Dragon’s Breathe[sic]
Nevada City, CA Claiming that he’s discovered that the “biggest danger to our country is the democrat[sic] party and its minions,” former home contractor and board of supervisor Bert DeVos has ruined the use of the phrase “par excellance[sic]” for at least two generations. Mr. DeVos claims to have divine insight to the nation’s ills because “I know the truth since I pay attention.”

Public reaction was a mix of  relief, confusion and anger.

“I’m relieved that someone has finally figured out where all of our troubles come from,” said April Smith outside of the Grass Valley Staples on Friday. “Now maybe if we eliminate the Democrats, my boyfriend will stop smoking pot and playing his XBox.”

“I am very upset about Mr. DeVos’s use of the phase,” said Roy Riffle out side of Cafe Mekka in Nevada City, “I will not be able to use it at all now, ironically or for real, in the novel I’m working on. I suppose if we eliminate the Democrats, I can use it again.”

Par excellence, compared with the more arcane and ironically French-ish version “par excellance” that Mr. DeVos used on his blog, means “best of its kind.” It unclear at the time of this writing whether Mr. DeVos  usage is intended to be ironic, complimentary or just plain dumbass.

but it’s clear that Mr. DeVos has his sights set on the Democratic Party Minority in Congress and the Executive Branch of the government.

Concluding, Mr DeVos  moves from blaming the Democratic Party for the rise in spending  and minion creation, to concerns of the Executive Branch‘s “power grab” by the nation’s first Black President. He is calling for a lawsuit, and not the impeachment President Obama to avoid claims of racism. Apparently he’s smart enough to know that such action would be a great gift to the Democrats. He believes that a lawsuit will “restore the co-equal government and reign in the President’s power grab.” Whatever that means.

There is no mention about past Presidents and their “power grabs” going back, say, to the beginning of this Nation’s founding. So it’s safe to assume that Mr. DeVos believes this is a recent development by some kind of “liberal” Illuminati out of Chicago. (not the Chicago Economist variety, because they be the good guys.)

As for the misuse of the phase “par excellance[sic]” and what it means for future generations, that remains to be seen.

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