Local Chapter of PEPA Prepares for Protest

Peter Portus, president of the Nevada County chapter of PEPA
Peter Portus, president of the Nevada County chapter of PEPA

Grass Valley, CA Local members of the group PEPA—Petroleum Energy Preservation Association—are planning a protest this weekend in front of the Grass Valley Kmart on McKnight Way.

“PEPA’s goal is to promote the increased use of renewable resources, and the lessening of our dependence on petroleum products” explained Peter Portus, president of the Nevada County chapter of the organization. “Nature provides us with abundant quantities of renewable resources, both vegetable and animal.”

Vice-president Fran Appleby chimed in.

“We are running out of oil” she argued. “Why do you think they call it ‘fossil fuel'”?

Concern over the depletion of the earth’s finite reserves of oil, and the effect this would have on a society dependent on it, is a concept known as peak oil. The use of fossil fuels, such as petroleum, has a negative impact on Earth’s biosphere.

“We are not completely against using plastics and other products made from petroleum,” Mr. Portus explained. “That would just be nutty! What we are opposed to is using petroleum to make synthetics that are poor imitations of natural products.”

He continued, “synthetic rubber tires are superior to natural rubber ones, for instance. We have no argument with that.” “That’s right,” agreed Mrs. Appleby. “But we are against wasting a precious resource like petroleum to manufacture inferior products.”

“Our protest this weekend is focused on two examples of this.” Mr. Portus declared. “Artificial Christmas trees, and faux fur, both of which are for sale at our local Kmart.”

“Real Christmas trees are a natural, renewable product. You cut them down to decorate, and you plant new ones for next year,” he continued. “You just can’t get that heavenly pine scent from artificial trees. Not to mention it’s good for the economy. Would you rather buy a Chinese-made plastic tree once or a ‘grown in America’ pine tree every year?”

“That’s right” interjected Mrs. Appleby. “And even more wasteful is the use of fake fur and ‘vegan’ leather. You’ve got minks and foxes growing this wonderful rich fur which our grandparents appreciated but is now just going to waste. Real fur has largely been replaced with the faux fur crap! It looks like fur, but one touch and you know it’s fake!” she exclaimed.

“Sure, it costs more for the real thing, but isn’t it worth it to protect the environment?”

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