Man in Fair Restroom Enjoying Hand Dryer Too Much

Hand Dryer in Question
Hand Dryer in Question

Grass Valley, CA– An unidentified man was spotted enjoying the hand dryer too much in a Nevada County Fair Restroom Saturday afternoon during the annual Italian Home and Meatball competition.

According to witnesses, the approximately 25 year old man had just finished up “doing his business” in the urinal, had washed his hands, and then spent an inordinate amount of time drying his hand under the only operating automatic hand dryer.

“There were two hand air dryers in the restroom,” said John Boyd of Penn Valley, “and he just stood there for what seemed like 3 to 4 minutes drying is already dry hands. I just left ‘air drying’ my hands.”

According to other witnesses, there were two hand dryers, but only one was in operation. The man in question just kept hitting the start button, tilted his head back and then seemed to slip into a kind of hand dryer ecstasy.

Jim Shoemaker of Grass Valley claims men do not know how to dry properly.
Jim Shoemaker of Grass Valley claims men do not know how to dry properly.

“We’re men. So we have no idea how to dry ourselves anyway,” said an irritated Jim Shoemaker of Grass Valley. “But the guy was enjoying that hand dryer a little too much, if you know what I mean. Anyhow, men don’t ‘talk’ in the restroom, so most of the guys just left with wet hands.”

Fair officials said they were sending a maintenance crew into the restroom to investigate the broken hand dryer. They also added that it only takes about 10-15 seconds to dry one’s hands and that patrons should be considerate to others.

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OK men,, this gives a whole new meaning to “blow job”. I think I will stick to getting the tried and true method.
Besides. I don’t care to have mine dry roasted.