Man Under 30 Spotted Working in Tea Party Booth

Booths at the Nevada County Fair
Booths at the Nevada County Fair

Grass Valley, CA Visitors to the Nevada County Fair were shocked to see a man under the age of 30 attending to people at the local Tea Party Patriots booth. Richard N. Osorio of Penn Valley, CA has volunteered to work not only the Nevada County Tea Party booth, but also the adjoining State of Jefferson ones as well.

“You know, I expect to see older white people involved in the movement,” said a 27 year old confused mother of two as she walked by the booth, “but I never would have expected to see someone my own age handing out pamphlets or whatever they do in that booth.”

The genesis of the Tea Party Movement (or Tea Party Patriots or simply Tea Party) can be traced back to the 2007/08 failed Presidential candidacy of Ron Paul. Although “Tea Partiers” maintain that they are largely a decentralized and a grassroots organization, critics have noted that with out the support of large stakeholders like the Koch Brothers and the Conservative group Americans for Prosperity, the Tea Party would have never gained momentum. Generally the Tea Party demographic is older, white and male and finds former bat-shit crazy Alaska Governor Sarah Palin “hot.” They also seem to have a fetish for dressing up like dudes from the 18th Century, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Answer criticism that the faltering Tea party movement caters only to retired citizens and middle-aged white men who don’t like, in their words, “the nation’s first black, Ethiopian-born Muslim President,” organizers wanted to stress that they have a large “political tent” and that everyone is welcome to join their movement.

“We’re tired of these negative comments about the Tea Party Patriots,” said one worker who refused to allow her name to be used. “We have as many as three activists under the age of 30 working with the organization. And the rumors of the Tea Party Patriots trying to change the voting age to 59 1/2 are false. Mostly false.”

“I’m not sure what he’s thinking,” continued the mother of two. “He probably should be working or something. It would be ironic if he was unemployed. I’m not sure he’s paying that many taxes anyway, but he sure gave me an earful about how we’re over-taxed.”

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Toby Grutnzler
Toby Grutnzler

Pooper Gish Gallop would be much more of an appropriate name for this… “publication”…?

Webmaster Tim

This is 2015. It can be whatever you want.


DAMN!,Fink,,, The Tea Party has been doing pretty damned good! The Commie Democrat tent might as well be set up out in the boonys for all the visitors they have got. It sure must suck be so isolated in the middle of a fair.