Portland, OR – Members of an armed militia group from rural Virginia calling themselves APART (Armed Patriots Against Radical Terrorists), were detained by police overnight after the group took it upon themselves to “arrest” and “detain” several anti-Trump protesters from the newly formed activist group “Portland’s Resistance“, whom the militia labeled “paid Soros agitators” and others believed to be “illegal aliens.”

“This could only happen in a libtard (sic) city like Portland Oregon,” says APART leader and founding member Rob Remus, “locking us up for practicing our constitutional rights and trying to save innocent business owner’s livelihoods unbelievable.”

APART made headlines earlier this year when the group conducted a pre-dawn raid on a suspected terrorist training camp located in a remote section of Charlotte County, VA. Run by the Islamic activist group Muslims of America (MOA), the compound has been featured on various conservative news outlets for having suspected ties to the Islamic State. After a tense 10-hour standoff, the militia group was forced to stand down when the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department sided with MOA and threatened the militia with felony trespassing and weapons charges. Since then, chapters (called “extensions” by APART) have been sprouting up all over the country in preparation for a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Rob and his APART cohorts, based outside of Keysville, VA, made the long drive to Portland after reading online accounts of civil unrest in the city. Since Trump’s election Tuesday, thousands of people around the country, spurred by fear and outrage, have taken to the streets in largely nonviolent protests.

The spirited demonstrations in downtown Portland were mostly peaceful following previous outbreaks of window-smashing and fire setting. Police began using flash-bang grenades to disperse the crowd and took to Twitter early Saturday morning, stating they were “investigating a shooting on Morrison bridge. Everyone needs to leave the area immediately!” Authorities said the person who was shot was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and the suspect was still at large.

Needless to say, the members of APART continued to make “citizen’s arrests” and were placing protesters in two separate vans for detainment, one for the “agitators” and one for suspected “illegals.” All were later set free by Portland police and it’s still unclear if APART will face kidnapping charges.

“This is what happens to patriots in Hussein Obama’s America,” said militia member Del Wilkes. “Thankfully this will never happen again with a Trump Administration in charge.”

Wilkes and his militia “brothers” as they refer to each other, feel Donald Trump “will restore law and order” and “heal the racial divide that Obama has created across the country.”

Gregory McKelvey, leader of “Portland’s Resistance”, describes their group as a “coalition of civil and human rights activists,” and sponsored the protest in opposition of Donald Trump’s ascension to the nation’s highest office.

“The violent actions that occurred last night had absolutely nothing to do with our group,” says Mckelvey. “Our movement was born as a direct response to the election of a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, egomaniacal and dangerously reactive President, a Congress hell-bent on limiting a woman’s right to choose or a Muslim’s right to live and a state that refuses to tax our richest corporations in order to unburden those most taxed among us. It was our aim to channel the shared frustration, fear, and anger that is so alive among so many of us considering our future prospects into a unified front for a peaceful change.”

McKelvey, who was one of the protesters detained by the APART militia, says the actions of the “so-called patriot group” are criminal and plans on pursuing charges against the group, including kidnapping.

“These deranged individuals were created by people like Donald Trump,” Mckelvey said. “They have bought into all the insane conspiracies of the alt. right and are domestic terrorists. They should be locked up for a very long time.”

A spokesperson for the Portland Police Department said no charges have been filed on either group at this time but are likely to follow. “Individuals responsible for any crimes committed during last night’s demonstrations will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

APART leader Remus said his group has no plans to slow down and are considering heading south to San Francisco next to “teach those fruits a lesson about American democracy.”

Rob invites anyone looking to join APART’s efforts to call +1 (530) 278-5046.

UPDATE: Rob has announced APART will unveil its 7-Point Plan to Defeat George Soros (7PP2DGS) on Nov. 26th in San Francisco. Interested parties should call APART Headquarters (phone # listed above) to confirm reservations. The media is encouraged to attend.