Mother of Three Serves Tacos As Sunday Meal

Tacos are traditionally served on Tuesdays in America.

Chicago Park, CA — Longtime Chicago Park resident and recent Southern California transplant Selena Ramirez attempted to serve her three children a dinner of tacos on a recent Sunday night.

“Everything was fine,” said Mrs. Ramirez, “until one of my children pointed out that we were eating tacos on a Sunday.”

Tuesday is designated as the day of the week to eat tacos in the United States.  Although the origins of “Taco Tuesday” are still uncertain, many American restaurants will advertise and sell their tacos at a reduced price on Tuesdays to celebrate the long-held tradition. However, it’s a conundrum for those who would like to eat tacos with their families on a day of the week besides Tuesday.

Selena Ramirez eats dinner with family at her Chicago Park home.
Selena Ramirez eats dinner with family at her Chicago Park home.

It was also revealed that Mrs. Ramirez had used a packet of taco seasoning and pre-packaged corn taco shells.

“I cannot be expected to cook authentic Mexican cuisine this far north of the border,” said a frustrated Ramirez in her Chicago Park home.  “At least I used ground turkey meat…so no one can accuse me of not being a real Californian.”

No word as Gish Gallop went to print if Ramirez had been accused by her children or husband of flagrant use of double negatives.


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