Nevada City Votes to Allow Marijuana Dispensary in Neighboring Grass Valley

The residents of Nevada City overwhelmingly approved an ordinance allowing neighboring city Grass Valley to open a marijuana dispensary.
The residents of Nevada City, CA overwhelmingly approved an ordinance allowing neighboring city Grass Valley to open a marijuana dispensary.

Nevada City, CA — At yesterday’s City Council meeting, the Nevada City leadership voted unanimously allowing neighboring Grass Valley a permit to open the county’s first medical marijuana dispensary as soon as February 2017. Although the meeting was contentious, with both sides of the issue addressing concerns about a dispensary within the Nevada City limits, everyone on the council including the over 200 people crammed into its chambers agreed that Grass Valley could open one if they really wanted one.

“I really don’t want one of those here,” said Cottage Street resident Stacy Grant. “Not even in the 7 Hills area. But I think it’s OK that Grass Valley has one if they have our permission. Which they have now, you know? So we’re good.”

For years now, Nevada City has struggled with this issue. And given that the upstart city is considered by many to be a spiritual vortex, but more importantly, the hub of California marijuana cultivation, many locals have been pushing to legitimize the County’s chief cash crop. However opponents of an in-town dispensary point questionable crime statistics and the potential for “dragging in all kinds of ‘unwanteds'” into the community.

“We’re just now getting a grip on the tourism and retirement industries here,” said an angry Nevada City resident Abe Membrandt (57) who runs an essential oils and sage-smudging business unironically called “Ghostbusters” on Spring Street. “That’s where growth is for the city. I’m not so sure there’s anything historically significant about a pot store. Not that I have anything against a plant. Anyhow, something like this makes more sense in Grass Valley. I mean, it even has the right name.”

This is the first of 6 council meetings to discuss the issue of whether it is appropriate for Grass Valley to have a Marijuana Dispensary. Although these motions have zero impact over Grass Valley’s decisions on whether to allow one, Nevada City likes to exercise and project a “think global, act local” mentality.

“Look,” continued Ms. Grant. “It’s important that Grass Valley knows what’s of importance to us here. I mean, it’s important to have progress on the marijuana issue, just not here in Nevada City. But somewhere nearby, close enough so we can take credit for it.”

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