New Auburn Costco Announces Shuttle Schedule

File Photo of the Costco Shop Shuttle which will transport Nevada county shoppers to the new North Auburn Costco
File Photo of the Costco Shop Shuttle which will transport Nevada county shoppers to the new North Auburn Costco

Auburn, CA — Costco Wholesale Corporation announced a new Nevada County “Shop Shuttle” service schedule Thursday that will provide an easy way for locals to shop at the new North Auburn, CA mega-warehouse store.

“This is an innovative experiment by Costco,” said SVP of Operations Jeramie Blazenwad. “The idea is to make it easy for the people of Nevada County to shop ‘almost’ local in Auburn. Our bio-diesel powered coaches will hold 50 people, with more than enough space for their toilet paper purchases.”

According to sources close to the pilot bus project, Costco plans on running 1 bus every hour stopping at key locations in Western Nevada County. At first, the bus will run only on the weekends, and if popular the service will be extended to the regular week.

“I am so excited,” said Stacy Grant of Nevada City. “I really wanted a Trader Joe’s, but a Costco isn’t a bad consolation prize, you know? And there’s an eco-friendly bus service too.”

Not everyone is thrilled about the possibility of such a large consumer warehouse so close to our small town economy.

“This new Costco will suck the life out of our local economy,” said local activist Jem Seminary. “Not only will this suck revenue away from local businesses, we lose out on tax revenue to fix things like the roads these buses are going to be using to shuttle people to another county.”

Blazenwad was unapologetic about the effect the North Auburn Costco will have on businesses in Nevada County.

“We try to do the right thing,” continued Blazenwad. “We’re investing in the community, and lowering the grocery bill of the average American by a significant margin. And we compensate our employees at a living wage. Our new bus service is a commitment to the American family and their buying power. It’s a free market, right?”

Costco Bus Route_croppedCostco Shop Shuttle

Proposed Weekend Schedule

  • Rood Center: top of the hour
  • Perkos at Sutton: 00:10 past the top of  hour
  • Kmart Parking Lot: 00:20 past the top of the hour
  • Alta Sierra Gas Station: 00:30 past the top of the hour
  • CVS at Combie: 00:40 past the top of the hour

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