News Pics: $4905.00 Kids Scissors

Should you spend almost $5000 for scissors? In short: Yes.
Should you spend almost $5000 for scissors? In short: Yes.

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From a Review:

I was hesitant to spend nearly $5000 for a pair of scissors, but I thought “What the heck. Give it a try.”

Guys. THEY ARE SO WORTH IT. I can’t emphasize enough how well these scissors cut paper. It’s like the paper is made of butter, and the scissors are a butter knife. I’m serious. I actually got curious, and tried cutting butter with the scissors, and it worked AMAZINGLY well. Now I use the scissors for all of my butter and paper cutting needs.

The only negative: the heft is a little unbalanced. You need to have a really good grip on the handles to balance the weight, otherwise they’ll just run away from you and then you’re stuck with a crooked piece of paper, or a slice of butter that’s slightly wider at the bottom. This is particularly true if the butter isn’t room temperature. Boy, let me tell you, I’ve learned the hard way about not having room temperature butter.

In all, a great purchase. I will definitely buy another pair if these ones ever break. Or get stolen, which seems more likely, considering their value.

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