“rE-define” New Brooklyn boutique not specializing in redefinition to consumer

IMG_0335Lower Brooklyn, (Eastern past Manhattan) , New York — 
“rE-define” is a small boutique in lower Brooklyn (or Eastern past Manhattan EPM) that is redefining the way we look at and taste redefinition. Opening on a day that was not named or numbered, “rE-define” will be specializing in passe and innovative redefinitions and offering description and analogy parties along with cupsteaks and coff-feed.

“We are not going to be pinned up by cliche descriptions or set business models and boring design platters”, says “rE-define” creator, destroyer, chef and exterminator, Josh Amendempoor. “I do not know what it means to have a business, small or exterior, thriving or sanctioned”, he added as he changed the logo on his storefront for the 50th time in 4 days.

“rE-define” will be open usually after other stores are closed, and will not sell offline or pay maxes to the URS. They plan on catering to low-frequency dimension-shifters, and possibly young hip children who make horror films. If they feel like it.

“It’s all pretty simple. We sell a product that is not revised necessarily, but one that the consumer couldn’t possibly need, but will rework with us to provide,” commented “rE-define” occasional co-owner and lease taker-overer candidate, Yin Yangstein. “We make it and do not carry it. You come in and be evasive.”

With another “rE-define” scheduled to possibly open in the storefront next door to the original, the possibilities for this new Brooklyn (EPM) business are compressively expansive. I’ll be stopping by unsure.

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