Gish Gallop Follow Up: Rick Guzman, Shy Hardware Guy

Gish Gallop caught up with Rick Guzman

Grass Valley, CA Gish Gallop is following up with last week’s article on Mr. Rick Guzman at a local hardware store. When we last spoke with him, he was discussing the many techniques he uses to avoid eye contact with the store customers. We received a call from Mr. Guzman on Thursday asking if he could clarify a few things in our original story.

“OK, I kinda got into a little trouble with that article you did on me,” a careful Mr. Guzman mentioned on Friday morning. “My boss didn’t like the story, because it made the store look bad. But I told him that I would tell you that I always help customers, I just sometimes don’t make eye contact.”

Gish Gallop attempted to reach out to Mr. Guzman’s boss, Will Borden, but he successfully avoided our correspondent despite multiple attempts to corner him as we followed him into every section of the hardware store. Our phone call were not returned either.

“Something really good came out of it, though. This guy from the Ridge with this long beard came in looking to buy a boat-load of concrete for his cistern,” commented a more cheered-up Mr Guzman. “He said he saw the article and he understood my situation. He was pretty quiet, but a really nice guy. I helped him load 14 bags of 80 lb. high-strength Concrete into his old Dodge. He nodded to me as he left. A good guy.”

According to the checkout clerk, business is actually up since Gish Gallop article on Mr. Guzman last week.

“I’m not sure why people got their panties in a bundle about this,” said Shelley Spring at checkout counter number 4. “People need to understand that we live and die by what happens online. We’re all one Yelp review away from disaster or fame. Rick is a good guy, and I think people understand that. Most people are good.”



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