Gish Gallop on the Street: Ebola Preparation

Beth Feingold: Is it supposed to taste like something other than salt?
Beth Feingold: It seems very unlikely that the virus will come to Nevada County, but people will make lots of money on the panic.
Cliven Bundy: I think it tastes like good math skills, if you ask me.
Cliven Bundy: I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama, which sounds a lot like Ebola, was behind this. FEMA will sweep in and take our lands.
Sairhra Ramun: I think it tastes like diabetes, like the other processed crap.
Sairhra Ramun: Clearly this is a plant by Big Pharma to make money. And by a plant, I don’t mean something your grow in your backyard.


Cynthia Goldsmith This colorized transmission electron microgra Throughout the world, and especially in Nevada County, people are starting to worry about the possible spread of the deadly Ebola virus. It seems that the Internet is fanning the flames of fear in ways the late Randolph Hearst could have only dreamed of.

Gish Gallop was curious on what locals thought about Ebola, as we could not find any evidence of the virus here in our community. Social Media has capitalized on the panic, having coined a new word for it: “Fearbola.”


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