Gish Gallop Viewpoint: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

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Nevada County, California — So at least we now know what this is allegedly all about. Apparently Supervisor Lamphier was surfing the Internets (a series of Tubes) and it wasn’t all cat videos. There is porn out there, and they are saying that Terry liked the porn, and particularly the child porn. They have his browser history, which allegedly proves his guilt. Well, OK then. Let’s ask some pertinent questions about all of this:

  • Who left the anonymous letter on the BOS counter that put this investigation into motion? That is not a trivial question…without the answer to this question, we are nowhere.
  • This investigation will be going on well past the coming election. Terry’s campaign is done, he will not be elected for any office whatsoever until this cloud has lifted. These are serious consequences that arise from this investigation, so we need to know everything about how this investigation came about.
  • Supervisor Lamphier was apparently investigated in May for similar wrong-doings, and then cleared. Why would he double down and do something even more stupid 5 months later? It doesn’t make any sense.
  • Sheriff Royal knows what's best
    Sheriff Royal knows what’s best

    Who else is monitored for browser history at the county? We know for a fact that all the local law enforcement agencies regularly surf porn and other nefarious sites to catch criminals, so they say, so it might be fun to get some logs on those computers as well.

  • Can we get a copy of the county’s Acceptable Computer Use policy?
  • We would very much like to understand why Terry’s car and home were part of a county “inappropriate use” investigation. Did he have a VPN connection that he wasn’t aware of?
  • Is the search term “Lolita” really a criminal offense?


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