Gish Gallop Viewpoint: Innocent Until Proven Guilty (UPDATED 11/1/14)

Farm subsidies, mace, and Liberty
Farm subsidies, mace, and Liberty

Nevada County, California — So now we know. Lame duck Nevada County Supervisor Terry Lamphier was searching the Internets (at least on October 13th, which was Columbus Day and the county offices were closed, so he was there all by himself which has certainly been verified by the police and courts who are investigating these alleged crimes, or else they never would have  begun the initial investigation, nor issued a warrant to review his computers and other materials at his house and in his auto) for some weird shit in Russia with the search criterion ‘ru’ which led to child porn being stored in a computer folder that was in his user profile. Should we Go Ask Alice on this one? Our typing fingers are tired just contemplating the unfolding crap we will all be subjected to in this case. He allegedly, at the very least, stored the child porn. Horrible if true.

Yes, Terry Lamphier is innocent until proven guilty. That is how we adjudicate these matters in the United States of America. Regardless, Gish Gallop asked some questions a couple of days ago, which now appear to have been answered, or not. Let’s review:

  • We still have no answer about who was the anonymous tipster. But this person had access to sensitive information regarding Terry’s web habits, and the
    One of these people is the tipster??
    One of these people is the tipster??

    letter s/he wrote was perhaps a warning to Terry, but was read by admin staff first per long-standing policy. More details please.

  • Terry will not be elected to the GV City Council on Tuesday. This is not about fairness, this is about due diligence. If Terry is guilty, he should not be on the city council. If he is being wrongly accused, his court case will prevent him from doing a good job on the city council in both the near and distant future. The Nevada County Democratic Party‘s statement of support that came out today was boilerplate. They know how this works, just as well as does the Gish Gallop–support your guy until you can’t. But as they say, fuhgeddaboudit.
  • If Terry is not charged, or exonerated, he will have had a huge lawsuit in his favor just handed to him on a silver platter. This will be, out of necessity, his next bully pulpit. But our guess is that this scenario is less than likely.
  • Still no word on the May, 2014 investigation of Lamphier’s web browsing indiscretions that led to no further action. Learning more about this past investigation is imperative. [Gish Gallop update @ 1:17 pm, 11/1/14 — This rumor of a May investigation started with a comment in one of the early Yubanet stories on the subject. A new Gish Gallop reader asked Yubanet this morning if this rumor has been confirmed and here is the response:
    “From: YubaNet News <[email protected]>
    To: <removed to respect email privacy>
    Sent: Saturday, November 1, 2014 11:51 AM
    Subject: Re: Lamphier’s May investigation
    No, we were not able to confirm that.”]
  • It does seem odd that most of the Rood Center employees cannot surf or store porn due to server-based software restrictions. Why do we allow supervisors and other top county staffers this “privilege”?


The whole thing sucks. We humans, we have a lot to learn. Evolve.

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–Gish Gallop Team


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