Sheep Tired Of The Word “Sheeple”

Sheep across the world are tired of being lumped-in with Sheeple.
Sheep across the world are tired of being lumped-in with Sheeple.

Kansas City, MO — The word “sheeple”, has become the go to saying for people who are not enlightened or awake to the world. But one local herd of sheep has had enough, they are tired of being compared to dumb people. The Bar 5 Ranch sheep herd has started to protest by blocking local highways. They want to be recognized for their individuality.

Arlene, the matriarch and leader of the herd has said that they will not stop until the word “sheeple” is no longer used.

“For too long we have been taken advantage of, NO MORE!” said Arlene. “Just because we follow each other and look-alike doesn’t mean we aren’t individuals!”

According to Arlene, being compared to humans makes her “feel dirty.”

“Oh look at me I’m a human, I have thumbs blah blah blah,” said Arlene. “What can you make with your fur? That’s what I thought!”

Her flock plans to continue their protest, blocking country highways wherever they can. They are urging other flock’s and sheep sympathizers to come out in force to make people take notice.

Arlene is set to take her argument to the new Animal Planet show, Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson later this month. There are also plans for a million sheep march on the nation’s capitol in August.

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