Speaker John Boehner in Hot Water for Using Tom Petty’s “Refugee”

A disgusted Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi can't believe Speaker Boehner's selection of music.
A disgusted Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi can’t believe Speaker Boehner’s choice of music.

Washington, D.C. — United States Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner is drawing fire for recently playing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ 1980 hit “Refugee” at a press conference regarding the Syrian humanitarian crisis. Speaker Boehner , a “Heartbreakers” fan since the late 1970s, chose the song as a backdrop for his policy speech on the current refugee tragedy unfolding in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Speaker Boehner played the song to a silent and flabbergasted press corp 5 minutes before he entered the briefing. As he approached the podium from off stage, Boehner chuckled, “why the glum faces? Did someone tell a bad joke before I got here.”

Unaware of the massive and inappropriate media faux pas, the Speaker tilted his head at the audience, and stared slack-jawed for over a minute before beginning his speech. Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who stood next to  Boehner and was planning on contributing to the joint announcement, seemed disgusted and angry. Sources close to Pelosi said she confronted the Speaker on stage and told him that the song was highly insensitive and inappropriate.

Baffled by Pelosi’s break in protocol, Boehner said to the crowd, as if letting them in on the private conversation, “Nancy, don’t do me like that,” referring to the other hit song on 1980’s Damn the Torpedoes album “Don’t Do Me Like That.”

No one actually remembers the details of the Speaker’s comments on the Syrian crisis, as most of the media began tweeting the outrageous song selections to their Twitter accounts. Gish Gallop reached out to Tom Petty for comment, but at the time of this writing, the popular classic rock star hadn’t returned our request for comment.


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