Stephen Curry Under Investigation For Point Shaving During NBA Finals

Stephen Curry claims he has done nothing wrong.
Stephen Curry claims he has done nothing wrong.

Sacramento, CA — The NBA Finals ended in dramatic fashion with the Cleveland Cavaliers defeating The Golden State Warriors, coming back from a 3-1 deficit. Game 7 was a close contest with Cleveland winning 93-89.

The loss has come with a lot of controversy for star player Stephen Curry. Many fans feel that he did not do enough in the final two games and that he “slacked off,” disappearing from the defensive side of the ball. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has ordered an investigation after rumors of point shaving surfaced after game 7. The investigation has already started with Curry being ordered to appear in front of investigators at the NBA headquarters in New York City on Friday.

A spokesman for the league Curt Shiller spoke with Gish Gallop about the reason for the investigation.

“We received word from confidential sources that Stephen was associating with known gangsters,” said Curt. “These associates of Stephen’s have been suspects in college basketball point shaving cases, though no convictions were made in those cases.”

Stephen Curry is no stranger to controversy after taking jabs at Lebron James over social media. His wife also made headlines after criticizing the referee’s during the NBA finals, though her tweet was later deleted. Curry has repeatedly claimed that he has done nothing wrong and looks forward to setting the record straight.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have shrugged off the investigation and had their championship parade in downtown Cleveland which drew a record 1,000,000 people.

When Lebron was asked to comment on the investigation he said, “It doesn’t matter, we are the champions.”

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