Suspicious USDA Grant Used for “Traffic” Cameras at Dorsey Interchange

The Dorsey Interchange: what are they doing to us? Photo source: Sarah Azura Belou
The Dorsey Interchange: what are they doing to us? Photo source: Sarah Azura Belou

Grass Valley, CA — Following numerous complaints about bad and dangerous driver in and around Grass Valley, the California Department of Transportation has partnered with the USDA to secure grants to install so-called “traffic-cams” at the Dorsey Interchange. The cameras will capture red light runners and other suspicious activity according to project insiders.

“Let’s be honest,” said project foreman Joe McAllister in an exclusive Gish Gallop phone interview. “This county runs on two things: weed and USDA loans. I mean there’s a few other things like government assistance and small business, but it’s mostly pot an ‘ag’ money. We wouldn’t be able to put up these cams if it wasn’t for the USDA pumping money into these projects.”

Because Nevada County is considered a “rural classification,’ many new homeowners and small businesses have benefited from both loans and grants distributed by the United States Department of Agriculture. It may be a surprise to some, but many home loans and small business rely on these Federal Government funds. And a few have suggested that taking these monies has given the Federal government “carte blanche” to implement secret projects without public scrutiny.

“Now that the shopping mall has been shelved, we can back to focusing on the Dorsey-Beale Chemtrail facility on that spot,” continued Mr. McAllister. “Everyone knew that shopping center was a ruse anyway. So it’s for the best. And the chemtrail factory will bring valuable government jobs to the community.”

Some locals were not convinced that the traffic lights had a benign, “traffic safety” purpose.

Persistent Volunteer Kills Town's Can-Do Spirit
Saihra Ramun warning people about the truth of the traffic cams at the Dorsey Interchange.

“Look, if they think we’re going to take this sitting down, they got another thing coming, ” said a loud community organizer Saihra Ramun in front of the New York Hotel in Nevada City, CA. “This is not about safer streets. These are surveillance cameras for the new Chemtrail facility. They want to keep an eye on people like me. And like you! [Saihra pointed at a somewhat frightened, middle-aged tourist walking in front of City Hall]. They are not going to be able to keep us from stopping this facility. The Earth is at stake here.”

According to the USDA, the traffic cameras are due to be installed in July. When asked why traffic cameras weren’t installed in a more obvious location, like in the Brunswick Basin, a USDA spokesman responded.

“The Dorsey exchange is of key national interest. It’s important to protect our investments. it almost didn’t happen due to that meddling by that Grass Valley council member. But that’s been taken care of now. Safety first, right?”

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