Taylor Swift: Secret Neo-Nazi Operative?

Do we really know the real Taylor Swift?
Do we really know the real Taylor Swift?

Hollywood, CA — It is well-known that pop star Taylor Swift has a sizable following in American neo-Nazi circles. The American neo-Nazi movement, which prefers to be called the “alternative right,” has latched onto to the mega star whom they believe is  the “Nazi Avatar Of The White European People.” However is there more to the story?

Taylor Swift is very white and very blond, so it’s easy to understand why such extreme reactionary movements might fancy her. But perhaps she’s a pop-double-agent spreading the values of white America both across this country, but across the world.  We’ll never know because Ms. Swift has been very tight-lipped about bother her religious and political views. However she did perform at the most recent Republican convention in 2012.

Whatever her involvement, we’ll never know due to her secrecy. However for these hate groups, she has become the spokeswoman for “whiteness” and racial purity.

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