Gish Gallop Warns Snopes Not to Look Into Recent Story

Will Snopes attempt to debunk an obvious story satirical story about Chris Christie?
Will Snopes attempt to debunk an obvious story satirical story about Chris Christie?

Penn Valley, CA — The 93-year-old Nevada County Gish Gallop warned the popular “debunking” website not to “look into” a recent story profiling New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s successful attempt to take over and dine alone in a Freehold, NJ Golden Corral restaurant. The warning, which contains some terse language, instructs the site to “avoid any kind of research into the topic, unless they want to face the wrath of Christie.”

Rumors that writers threatened to “out” several Gish Gallop writers is untrue, however this contradicts earlier statements from editor Louis “Lou” LaPlante that they contacted one of the writers to confirm the story.

“Yeah, they tracked down one of our writers and personally warned them off the story,” said Lou LaPlante in an official Gish Gallop statement.  “I felt at the time that the threat was implied, but I just realized they were doing their job debunking the fake news story about Christie shutting down the beach, when in fact he was driving all over the state with his entourage closing every buffet for himself.”

Of course another reason to avoid debunking what is clearly a satirical article, is that it would lead to even greater conspiracy theories about the Snopes’ ties to international liberal financier George Soros and his hatred of Governor Christie and New Jersey beaches.

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