Gish Gallop’s 7 Tips to Deal with Holiday Farting

We have all experienced the need to fart at the most inappropriate times. It could be at a work meeting, or on a date, when carpooling or at family holiday gatherings. When biological pressure conflicts with social pressure, the entire situation stinks.

But while letting it rip can cause some social problems, holding it in can cause even worse health problems.

Pressure of a retained fart can cause pockets to form in the large intestine‘s wall, called diverticula. These can get infected and result in diverticulitis, a painful and potentially life-threatening condition which many fart retaining people experience.

On the other hand, there are people (usually guys) who enjoy farting and seeing the reaction it has on others. These people wonder why others think of them as assholes.

How can you release the pressure without offending your intestines or your friends and family? Here are some tips for polite farting.

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