Worst Place in the World Forecast

The studying habits of a typical Chico State student

Chico, CA Don’t say we didn’t warn you, but if you’re living in Chico, CA or just traveling there, be prepared for a heat like none you’ve experienced before at a whopping 105 degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s like this all year around. Rumor has it they manufacture heat in Chico, and then export it to other parts of the country. It’s a long, hot way up Highway 99 to Chico. No, that’s not an Eagles song, that what it’s like driving there, Nevada County brethren. So bring light clothing, check your air conditioners, and for God’s sake, bring beer. And lots of it. Because that what powers everything in Chico. Beer. Just ask any Chico State student, and they’ll tell you (or more than likely ask you for) a Cold Beer.

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Other things to bring:

  • Red Solo Cups (for Beer)
  • An Empty Keg (for Beer)
  • A Fake ID (again, for Beer if you are under age)
  • Strong Rope (for spelunking down the side of Whitney Hall after drinking Beer)

Generally on hot days like this, Gish Gallop recommends staying out of bars lest one get stuck to the sticky-you guessed it-beer soaked floors.

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