Worst Place in the World Forecast

Roseville Launches
Come to the Fountains and be miserable

The Fountains Roseville, CA Today’s forecast for the Fountains in Roseville, CA is miserably hot for January.  Like 125 degrees Fahrenheit. But it’s always miserable there. If traveling to the Fountains, be sure to dress appropriately in your expensive knock-off boutique linen attire, and as always, make sure your spoiled and mouthy kids are dressed to show the world “I live in Roseville, and you don’t.” There is plenty of parking for your monster SUV, but please, understand your place. Nevada County residents, please do not park your minivan next to the Mercedes and BMW SUVs. It’s against the law in Roseville. Water-bottle sprayers to keep cool aren’t necessary folks, as the Fountains has a ridiculously awesome fountain (that’s why it’s called the Fountains!).

Note: this is Roseville not North San Juan folks, so please keep your kids out of the fountain.

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