Worst Place in the World Forecast

Hey look, your kids didn't drown to death.
Hey look, your kids didn’t drown to death. Pic: Rebecca Greig

The Island of Lesbos, Greece — Have you lost everything? Have you escaped indiscriminate bombings on an inflatable dingy. Have you spent over 400,000 Syrian pounds ($2000USD for lazy Americans) to escape the horrors of war? Have you heard and watched your neighbors and family drown to death in the Aegean Sea?

Welcome to the Greek Island of Lesbos! No, THAT Lesbos you dumb-ass. It’s not a god-damned porn flick you filthy, ignorant fuck. It’s an Island that has become the defacto home and stopping point for Syrian refugees escaping one of the most horrific conflicts in the past 50 years.

When you arrive (that is, if you arrive!), you’ll be treated to a quick evacuation in semi-shallow water. Grab the kids…literally because they’re gonna drown. Once you make it on shore, you have a 20km walk to the nearest relief station. And oh boy, the locals aren’t super happy to see you so don’t go knocking on their doors for help.

As for the weather, it’s actually pretty mild at the moment, so you have that going for you. Which is just about all you have going for you.