Worst Place in the World Forecast

Come to the Dharavi slums of Mumbai, India and die under piles of garbage. If you are lucky.
Come to the Dharavi slums of Mumbai, India and die. If you are lucky.

Dharavi (Mumbai) India — Also known affectionately known  as the Mumbai Slums, or the slums of Mumbai or more simply “hell on earth,”  Dharavi is ironically located near the financial center of India, but far enough away to keep the 40ft wall of garage from collapsing into the city center. On the bright side, Dharavi provides a cheap and affordable option to those who move to Mumbai to earn their living.

Aside from the most oppressive and crushing poverty you will ever see, for today, good Nevada County residents, the temperature should reach a balmy 84 degrees Fahrenheit and rain, followed by a slow, horrible death from any one of worst ways to die including:

  • Chlolera
  • Dysentery
  • Starvation
  • Murder
  • Death by news ticker seizes on the television.

If you are traveling to Dharavi, please bring a blue tarp as a gesture of good will for the poor people of the slum as they are the primary roofing material of their homes. Also, please do not mention the film “Slum Dog Millionaire.” Locals were deeply insulted by the film and will kill you and eat your organs.

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