Worst Place in the World Forecast

Look honey, they're putting out the fire on the River with water. Ironic!!
Look honey, they’re putting out the fire on the River with water. Ironic!!

Cleveland, OH Come to the county seat of Cuyahoga County, home to the  Cuyahoga River featured in the lovely REM song called, surprisingly, “Cuyahoga.” Note: no one is exactly sure what the REM song is about because no one is able to decipher the lyrics. Named after General Moses Cleaveland, its citizens were and are notorious mis-spellers, so moments after the city was founded by the good General, they misspelled his name. In fact, they insisted that General Cleaveland was spelled wrong. Apparently they were right, because it’s still spelled “Cleveland” to this day. Hooray for the mob!

Anyhow, Cleveland is famous for two things:

  1. A river that caught on fire
  2. The fact that at least they’re not Detroit, MI

Unfortunately for the people of Cleveland, standing in the unemployment line today will not be pleasant because there is a chance of showers with a frigid high of 27 degrees Fahrenheit. So please bring your rain slickers and a heavy coat, the ones you got from the church donation bin. Good people of Nevada County, please stay away from Cleveland. Unless you lost a bet or you’re a hostage. Then you have to go. Sorry.

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