Worst Place in the World Forecast

Tourist Entrance to Pripyat

Pripyat, Ukraine Summer continues on in beautiful Pripyat, where preparations for the annual Valery Legasov Helicopter Expo are under way. Local children have been rehearsing the opening ceremonies with their proctors for weeks and are extremely happy to kick off the festival once again. Tourists have come from all over Europe to take in the spectacle, as well as to take in the sights of the region’s newest tourist attraction.

Typical Housing and Accommodations in Pripyat

Today’s weather starts off with southeasterly winds bringing radiation of 3-5 roentgens per hour in the morning, followed by an increasing high pressure system in the afternoon. By evening, clouds laden with cesium-137 should bring heavy downpours of 5,000-15,000 roentgens per hour. The weekend forecast calls for bright sun and minimal cloud cover. It should be a great time to skinny dip in the cooling pond or take a leisurely stroll through the surrounding radioactive forest.

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