Truckee Forest Hospital’s Ethical Woes Encourages Area Spouses

Tahoe Forest Hospital
Tahoe Forest Hospital, Truckee, CA

Truckee, CA Truckee area spouses of all genders are encouraged by recent ethical issues plaguing 60-year-old+, rural Tahoe Forest Hospital.

“I think this is fantastic news,” said Truckee stay-at-home father of 3 Dade Williams. “I’m hoping to get an inside contract with the Hospital too. My wife is a nurse there, so I betcha I can get me some of that dough now.”

According to an investigation by esteemed local news source Moonshine Ink, Tahoe Forest Hospital CEO Bob Schapper failed to report a conflict of interest with his wife Marsha Schapper who worked with Medical Practices Solutions. Medical Practices Solutions was contracted with the Hospital to the tune of almost $1,000,000. That’ll buy a lot of ski and snowboard gear, and approximately 1 bag of groceries at the Briar Patch.

“Does this mean I can submit invoices to the hospital and not report them,” questioned local mother of 2 Marsha Bradley from the window of her green Subaru Forester. “It’s probably too late to cash in since it’s in the paper now.”

Jeffery Knoggledore thinks this is "Big Government" interfering with business
Jeffery Knoggledore thinks this is “Big Government” interfering with business

Some residents seem unconvinced that there was any wrong doing.

“Look, the hospital district said Bob had no involvement with his wife’s company, and I believe it,” said Jeffery Knoggledore outside Safeway on Donner Pass Rd. “This is just another example of how big government and its onerous regulations are interfering with good, hard-working American enterprise. I say, get government out-of-the-way.”

According to Moonshine Ink, not disclosing such income can not only lead to fines, but more serious perjury charges which is a felony in the State of California.

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