Trump Announces Plan To End Mandatory Vaccinations

Donald Trump says mandatory vaccinations will not make America great again.
Donald Trump says mandatory vaccinations will not make America great again.

Cleveland, OH — President Donald Trump has created yet another controversy. During a recent interview, the controversial leader of the United States declared that he would end vaccinations for the American people.

“Mandatory vaccinations are un-American and it does nothing to make America great again,” said Trump. “Americans are a tough people, we do not need vaccinations to beat whooping-cough, the average American can whoop its ass.”

Trump’s words were refuted by most scientists, many saying Trump will create the next pandemic.

Virologist Ashley Rhodes of the CDC spoke to Gish Gallop regarding Trump’s statement.

“Is he an F’ing moron,” said an angry Rhodes. “There is no science supporting his claim. This is going to hurt large portions of our population, even creating a possible global pandemic.”

Trump has refused to back down from his statements saying, “this will help make America great again”.

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the scooper is as real as the onion and considering how long Nevada has keep harry reid in office its obvious the entire state is brain dead. maybe the wall around California can be expanded to include Nevada too

Joshua Carpenter
Joshua Carpenter

Probably fake. No source, no audio no video.
Not to mention no one else is running this story, a topic that is currently a hit topic.