Washington D.C. — In an early morning tweet in what is apparently a response to criticism from allies in Europe, President Trump said: “Liberal Democracies are the enemies of America.” Over the past week, even staunch allies like the United Kingdom have cooled on Mr. Trump’s due to what critics have called his reckless and inappropriate criticism of Mayor Sadiq Khan in the aftermath of a recent terror strike around London Bridge.

According to insiders, President Trump was also irked and annoyed by the media’s pronouncement that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not the leader of the free world, which to Trump is a clear sign that Liberal Democracies are not only failing but a clear and present danger to his leadership style and agenda.

“It’s pretty clear the President is not happy about his popularity both here and abroad,” said a White House staffer who asked to remain anonymous. “He’s just angry that people don’t like him so he’s lashing out. Today it’s this, even though he doesn’t seem to understand that the United States is the Liberal Democracy the world looks to. He’s trying to rally his base.”

Despite what some would call Mr. Trump’s most obvious political science faux pas, this hasn’t stopped his supporters from jumping on “the Trump train,” as they refer to it, in asking that the President take action against Liberal Democracies that threaten America.

“I mean just look with these Liberal Democratic countries are like overseas,” said Trump supporter Leila D. Dowell, 43, of Greenville, North Carolina. “They’re being overrun with Islamic terrorists who are killing and raping them. America is a Conservative Democracy with a new leader in charge. I mean think about it. How many terrorist attacks do you hear about in Saudi Arabia? Obviously, they run things better than Germany and England. Trump is following the Saudi’s lead.”

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman called the White House in a recent column “Trump’s United American Emirate,” referring to the President’s leadership and organizational style mimicking that of authoritarian Arab regimes. He’s gone as far to label Mr. Trump as Emir Donald.

“We have an emir. His name is Donald. We have a crown prince. His name is Jared. We have a crown princess. Her name is Ivanka. We have a consultative council (Congress) that rubber-stamps whatever the Emir wants. And like any good monarchy, our ruling family sees no conflict of interest between its personal businesses and those of the state.”

For his supporters, this is exactly the kind leader they think America needs, but for others, his attempts at a “managed form of Democracy” similar to that of Russia, China and other more totalitarian states is deeply concerning.

“There’s a reason he and his supporters like Putin so much,” said Professor James Badwater of the Badwater Institute for Public Policy at the University of Chicago. “They like the idea of a strongman coming to fix their problems, even if that means removing others, and in some cases, their own liberties. But they’ll start with people who don’t look like them. And in this case, countries his supporters have never been to, ignoring basic things like Germany’s proximity to the Middle East and things like that.”

Apologists for the President’s rash pronouncements have said on many occasions to ignore what Trump says, despite the fact that he is indeed the most powerful man on Earth (as of this writing), and rather pay attention to his actions. It remains to be seen what will come out of this latest Tweet.

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