Wife Divorces Man After He Compares Her to Sarah Palin

Brenda (left) has filed for divorce after her husband Ted (center) repeatedly asked her to be more like Sarah Palin (right)
Brenda (left) has filed for divorce after her husband Ted (center) repeatedly asked her to be more like Sarah Palin (right)

Grass Valley, CA — Brenda Nicklas of Grass Valley had it with her husband’s non-stop and obsessive discussions about politics. Ted Nicklas, Brenda’s husband, is a staunch Trump supporter with strident and conservative positions on many of today’s news topics. Things came to a head this week when Mr. Nicklas, in an attempt to compliment her, told his wife of 19 years that “she looked just like Sarah Palin” prompting Ms. Nicklas to file for a dissolution of marriage.

“As you might imagine, I’m pretty shocked by all of this,” said a distraught Mr. Nicklas in a Gish Gallop telephone interview. “I was just trying to tell Brenda how pretty she was and how she was like my version of Sarah Palin. She got real angry and marched out of the house and drove away in her Subaru.”

According to friends close to Ms. Nicklas, the 38-year-old mother of 2 has “just had it” with Ted’s non-stop “Trump talk” and his attempts to get his wife, in his words, “to behave more like Sarah [Palin].”

“She would occasionally come over and talk about how angry she was,” said close friend Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge. “That Ted was somehow in love with Sarah Palin and he wanted Brenda to be more like her. He’s do weird things like buy her a gun, even though he knew she was very much against them. He’d try to drag her to MAGA meetings, even though she was a lifelong Democrat who voted for Obama twice and then Hillary. So this was a long train coming.”

As for Mr. Nicklas, he’s not sure what the next move is.

“Yeah, all this is out of the blue,” continued Mr. Nicklas. “I certainly didn’t see any of this coming. I mean, how could a compliment turn into divorce. Sad times we live in, that’s for sure.

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Is this for real?


Of course it’s for real!